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Wellness accountability coaching for women who want to feel their very best at any age

“I’m always tired. I don’t sleep well anymore. I don’t have time to workout. I’ve just gained 15 pounds....HOW did this happen? I’ve never had to watch what I eat before. Why do I feel bloated all the time?”

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These are some of the things I hear from clients and friends all the time. It’s true, our bodies change a lot as we get older and what once worked won’t work forever. But that does NOT mean we have to sit back and settle into feeling less than fabulous. Recognizing that how we take care of ourselves directly impacts how we feel is the game changer.

After you complete a questionnaire and we identify any area(s) in your overall wellness that need redirection, we’ll discuss your goals. I’ll create an individualized roadmap for you, help you implement it, and coach you every step of the way through daily call, text and video chats.   

It’s my job and honor to help you stay committed and ensure that you are celebrating and recognizing your best self. I can’t wait to work with you!

So, What Is An Accountability Coach?

"There was no searching, one of my best friends decided to do this as her life’s path. I chose Cassandra not because of our friendship but despite of it. I knew she was the only one that I could count on to get me through. Cassandra gives everyone she touches her best self. Whether her friend or client, she enters your life and becomes your positive light; Helping you achieve and feel good about your best and worst days. Now I am blessed to be her client and friend. 

Most people will not do business with their friend and that is precisely why you need to understand how powerful her connection is in making her clients and friends recognize their best self. You will be your best you with Cassandra supporting you to live well while living life!"

Success Stories

- Beth M


Success Stories

Since working with Cassandra I have become more fit and stronger than I ever dreamed I could be, particularly at this stage of my life. She is knowledgable, sincere and authentic and has a wonderful way of staying focused while keeping things fun and interesting. When I first started working with her, I told her that I struggle with knee issues. She immediately offered modifications and constantly helps me work on specific ways to take care of my knees while still correctly doing the exercises. I love how she approaches the workouts with enthusiasm and humor and always pushes me to try new things. Recently it dawned on me that when I'm doing a class or session with Cassandra, I rarely, if ever, look at the clock or wonder when it will be over. That's my kind of workout!

About five years ago I was in an accident that caused significant trauma to my already compromised joints. I started going to Absolute Pilates at the recommendation of my physical therapist and best friend (who also happens to be an MD). After years of trying many remedies to help alleviate my joint and muscle pain I was willing to give Pilates a try. 

During my first meeting Cassandra helped me feel safe and expertly guided me through simple mobility sequences. At times I was scared to follow her instructions because I was afraid of getting hurt. I quickly realized I could trust her. Cassandra understood my muscle and joint issues and was quick to offer modifications. Her calm, confident and expert knowledge provided me the encouragement I needed to try. After about three weeks I noticed that I walked taller, had a stronger core, and most importantly had less pain and stiffness! I was hooked!!!

Working with Cassandra in the studio or in virtual lessons is a gift that I give myself. I get a rush trying new skills while being coached and encouraged by Cassandra. Today I can execute movements that I never thought possible! 


Success Stories

I can’t thank you enough for everything! The encouragement, tips, recipes everything! Thank you so much you have really helped me go down the right eating and exercise path! 

Success Stories

- Phoebe

BeWell with Cassandra was born out of my love of expanding, learning, sharing and service. I felt a calling to help women prioritize the importance of self care, and motivate and inspire them to move through the years with confidence.

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