October Newsletter

January 8, 2021

Hey friends and welcome to October!

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe. When the season changes and the air feels different, it inspires me to take a look around me and see what needs a reset…

My menus are starting to include more “comfort” food.

I’m walking later in the day and enjoying the afternoon sunshine.

I am enjoying the quiet, dark, early mornings for reflecting, planning, and journaling.

Summer pillows and florals are being swapped for some that are cozier and more seasonal.

The closet and pantry that I’ve been avoiding are getting organized this weekend.

I’m choosing positivity over negativity and listening to my gut, more than ever before.

Anyone else feeling like they need to make some seasonal changes?  I’d love to hear from you!

My family has been reducing our animal protein more and more, and finding that we are feeling better and better.  I can’t promise that anyone in my family will go all in and be strictly plant based, but I can say that in experimenting with so many delicious recipes featuring veggies, grains, pasta, legumes and fish, the meat is rarely missed.  I am a big believer in mixing it up and tuning in to how your body performs when you fuel it with different foods.  It’s an integral part of the journey toward feeling your very best.

With that being said, here are two new dishes I made recently.  I love all sorts of spicy, with or without heat, and these recipes are easy to prepare with exactly the kind of flavor you’re looking for on a chillier night.

Curry Lentil Soup
This Curry Lentil soup was a great “meatless Monday” choice, and even better, I prepped it on Sunday!  Dinner was a breeze after a long day of work.  Just add a salad and some warm naan bread and you’ll be all set! Get the recipe here!

Fall Couscous with Swiss chard, Raisins and Warm Spices
I served it with salmon, however it would pair nicely with pork, chicken, or debut as a new Thanksgiving side. Get the recipe here!

Fun fact:  I am literally that person who watches The Food Network or sees a recipe on Instagram and actually makes it…like right away! (Bobby Flay, are you listening?) 

Enjoy whatever you’re making this month and if you’ve made something amazing, please send the recipe my way!

This month’s essential oil spotlight is on Neroli, which is the oil I carry around in my bag and wish it was bottled like perfume!  Neroli is extracted from flowers of the bitter orange tree; it’s floral, citrusy, fresh, and delicate.  When I smell it, I immediately feel a sense of balance and calm and am instantly reminded of the beach, which is my favorite place in nature.  Neroli can be used to encourage confidence, joy, peace and sensuality. It’s really quite special!

Click here to learn more about the magic of essential oils!

The Pilates exercise of the month is spine stretch forward.  The back stretch in this exercise is everything and always much needed!

1. Sit with legs open about the width of your mat, ankles flexed, arms straight out in front of shoulders.  As you inhale, sit as tall as possible.

2. With an exhale, drop your head forward and stretch, stretch, stretch, up and over an imaginary ball, emptying the lungs.  Go deep, just be sure you keep your tailbone anchored.

3. As you inhale, articulate bone by bone right back to that tall lifted seated position.  The more you lift your low tummy in and up, the more the low back stretches! 

Ready to book a virtual Pilates class? Click here!

Finally, a gentle reminder to find a little bit of joy in every day.  We were recently up in the mountains hosting our daughter’s (much smaller, rescheduled) wedding. For just a few days we all put aside the outside noise and welcomed our closest family and friends to celebrate true love.  It was pure magic!  Cheers to taking the time to find small moments of pure magic every day.

Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Well.
xo, Cassandra


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